Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Analysis and Investigation of Nonlinear Behavior of Concrete Columns with Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) by Finite Element Method            0000-00-00
2    Investigation responses of the diagrid structural system with Tuned mass damper            0000-00-00
3    Effect of particle crushing on mechanical behavior of granular materials using Discrete Element Method    M.Sc.    Aminzadeh, Ali    2012-01-21
4    Geometry Optimal Design Of Space Trusses Bounded By Special Surfaces    M.Sc.    jalal, shahdad    2012-10-06
5    Hybrid finite element formulation for Linear and geometrical non-linear analysis of structures    Ph.D    karkon, mohammad    2013-01-07
6    Optimization of Trusses Using Particle Swarm Algorithm    M.Sc.    Moosavi, Seyed Mojtaba    2013-01-07
7    Study Seismic Behavior of Cylindrical Friction Dampers (CFD) with Dynamic Analisis    M.Sc.    soroudi golestani, mohammad ali    2013-04-22
8    Control Of Base_Isolated Structures with Bydirectional-Multi Tuned Mass Damper Subjected to Near_Field Earthquake    M.Sc.    Jalaeian Zaferani, Maryam    2013-04-22
9    Seismic performance evaluation of masonry infilled steel frames with opening    M.Sc.    modaresi, hadi    2013-04-29
10    safty management    M.Sc.    shoraka, hosein    2013-05-03
11    Implementation of strategies to improve quality and safety executive demolition engineering    M.Sc.    ,    2013-05-15
12    Study of Seismic Behavior of Cylindrical Friction Dampers (CFD) with Performance Level Method    M.Sc.    Doulabi, Alireza    2013-06-03
13    Studying The effect Of Training Human Resources Based on Skill Standards On The Function Of The Construction Industry    M.Sc.    sabetkooshkinian, morteza    2013-09-06
14    investigation of mechanical characteristics of light weight concrete with farooj pumis and optimize concrete mixture    M.Sc.    Gholami, Gholamreza    2013-09-06
15    An investigation into the effect of admixtures on the mechanical properties of lightweight concrete using faroj pumice    M.Sc.    hasheminezhad, saied jalal    2013-09-06
16    The effects of form and location of an opening on the behavior of composite steel plate shear walls    M.Sc.    Pourbafrani, Rasoul    2013-09-06
17    Investigation of soft story's effect on performance point by coefficient method    M.Sc.    mohamadzadeh alashlu, seyed farzad    2013-09-06
18    Recognizing and assessment the effect of safety management parameters on reducing the Construction site accidents    M.Sc.    zare mehrjardi, amir mehdi    2013-09-06
19    Creation of Efficient Finite Element    M.Sc.    malekzadeh gonabadi, masoomeh    2013-09-09
20    Predicting the maximum pullout capacity of ground anchors using support vector machine    M.Sc.    ghanei rezaei moghadam, saeed    2013-09-14
21    Prediction of Pile Settlment Using Support Vector Machine Based on Cone Penetration Test Data    M.Sc.    Zakerolhosseini, Ali    2013-09-14
22    Analysis of Welding Residual Stresses in Plates with Openings and Stiffeners    M.Sc.    HAMIDIFARD, MASOUD    2013-12-02
23    siesmic design and analysis of double layer grid space frames subjected to vertical load earthquake base on performance-base design with fema-356 code    M.Sc.    karimi, amir    2013-12-02
24    Design and Build challenges in water treatment projects    M.Sc.    salamat, ahmad    2013-12-30
25    Experimental investigation on the effect of Calcium Magnesium Acetate on skid resistance of paved surfaces in snow and ice control conditions    M.Sc.    moradzadeh, behnam    2014-01-20
26    Improvement of dynamic relaxation method for tracing the static path    Ph.D    Estiri, Hossein    2014-01-22
27    Performance evaluation of important structures and improvement of their performance levels by the use of seismic base isolators.    M.Sc.    nikkhah, shahram    2014-01-29
28    Indentification and evaluation of effective indexes for selected sewer network rehabilitation methods    M.Sc.    shobeiry, ali    2014-02-01
29    Investigation of Value Engineering in Construction Projects(Case Study: Complex Building's Projects)    M.Sc.    Mottaghi Moghaddam Shahri, Mohammad    2014-02-01
30    Recognition and Evaluation of project risks by using MADM(multiple attribute decision making) methods making in Fuzzy Environment(Case study : Water disturbution network project in mashhad)    M.Sc.    farahbakhshi, majid    2014-02-01
31    Evaluation of methods on Wastewater projects domestic finance and PC by multi criteria decision making models    M.Sc.    Baqban nejad, Ali    2014-02-01
32    A construction management approach to pathology of light-weight steel frame structures    M.Sc.    Amiri, Arman    2014-02-04
33    Providing functional model for the effective implementation of the project management office (PMO) in construction projects    M.Sc.    Eslami Azghandi, Seyed Saeid    2014-02-04
34    Identification and Prioritization of key Competencies for Civil Projects Managers    M.Sc.    Barakchian, Vahidreza    2014-02-25
35    Value Engineering in Construction Industry    M.Sc.    KHORASHADI ZADEH, MAJID    2014-03-03
36    Field analysis of the effect of rumble strips on drivers consciousness level    M.Sc.    ashrafzadeh, mohanna    2014-03-08
37    Comparison of numerical integration methods for the analysis of seismic frames    M.Sc.    Roshandel GHollezo, Ehsan    2014-03-09
38    Location Model for Emergency Stations (Sites) in Rural Road    M.Sc.    tahan, mahdi    2014-03-10
39    Recognition of Effective Factors on Claim in Structural Projects and Presenting Management solutions for Reducing of Claim    M.Sc.    mirzaei feizabadi, hossein    2014-03-11
40    Implementation of strategies to improve quality and safety executive demolition engineering    M.Sc.    cheraghchi bashi astaneh, mohammad reza    2014-03-15
41    Design and implementation of the project management office (PMO), determine the maturity and functions in project-based organizations (Case study of Imran technical department of Mashhad Municipality)    M.Sc.    Hamidzadeh, Ehsan    2014-04-08
42    Behavior Investigation of Composite Steel Shear Walls in Multi-Story Buildings    M.Sc.    Taherian, Iman    2014-04-15
43    Scrutiny Modern methods of construction 3D panel and ICF and economic optimization    M.Sc.    asadi, amir hossein    2014-04-27
44    Investigation of Simple Steel Frames Systems and Regular Concrete Shear Wall    M.Sc.    Golkar Hamzeh Yazd, Iman    2014-04-27
45    Behavior Investigation of Based Isolation Structures with New Nonlinear Static Methods    M.Sc.    Bashir, Ahmad    2014-04-28
46    Use Tourism opportunities in the booming construction and Entrepreneurship in Mashhad    M.Sc.    mafinezhad, armin    2014-05-04
47    Investigation on Using of Micro Silica Powder in Improvement the Rutting Susceptibility of Warm Mix Asphalt    M.Sc.    golshani, hadi    2014-05-06
48    Investigating the reasons of delay in the construction projects of Mashhad and offering solutions for egression    M.Sc.    KHEZRI, FARSHAD    2014-05-18
49    professional ethics from the perspective of construction engineering and management in iran    M.Sc.    Roohbakhsh Farahati, Omid    2014-05-20
50    Guardin Construction Value Engineering approach to high groundwater    M.Sc.    sabahi, sajjad    2014-05-31
51    Performance Comparison Of Corrugated Steel Plate Shear Wall With Ordinary Steel Shear Wall    M.Sc.    Jahromi, Amir    2014-08-25
52    Comparison between near surface and external bonding methods in the strengthening of exterior concrete beam-column joints    M.Sc.    ansari mohseni, amir hossein    2014-09-08
53    Study of Seismic Behavior of Shear Panel System (SPS) damper in Bridges    M.Sc.    mazaheri, afsaneh    2014-09-08
54    The effect of shear panel damper on seismic behavior of water air tanks    M.Sc.    badihi zeraati, farzad    2014-09-08
55    Detection of challenges and obstacles to applying safety management to civil projects    M.Sc.    YAGHOOBI BOJMAEH, FARIBORZ    2014-09-27
56    identification of effective factors in high-rise construction projects delay in mashhad    M.Sc.    mohammadi nejad, mohammad reza    2014-10-01
57    Geometrically Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Cylindrical Structures Using Meshless Method    Ph.D    Ghadiry Rad, Mohammad Hossein    2014-10-18
58    The Analysis of Plates with Openings and Stiffeners subjected to Blast Loads    M.Sc.    nouri, younes    2014-10-21
59    Using of Fuzzy Geograghical Information System for Optimized Managing of Urban Constructions    M.Sc.    emadzadeh, omid    2014-10-28
60    Performance base Desgin of steel plate shear walls    M.Sc.    mahdavi, ali reza    2014-11-17
61    Investigation of tension-stiffening of Ultra-High performance concrete reinforced by steel and GFRP bars    Ph.D    rahdar, hosseinali    2014-11-19
62    investigating mehr residential project, mehr aftab project case study    M.Sc.    shariatmadari, sadjad    2014-12-08
63    The effect of seismic Base Isolation in steel frame with concrete shear wall system on structural and non-structural elements    M.Sc.    Kavianpour, Saeed    2014-12-29
64    Modeling and Solving the Time - Cost Trade-Off Problem in Fuzzy Environment ( Case Study )    M.Sc.    HashemZadeh, Mehran    2015-02-23
65    Probabilistic Analysis of Construction Project Scheduling    M.Sc.    Amiri, Vahid    2015-05-11
66    The effect of superplasticizers on the mechanical, environmental and economic performance of concrete containing granite waste    M.Sc.    Asadi, Elyas    2015-05-11
67    Risk managment in LSF structure    M.Sc.    yeganeh, ali    2015-05-11
68    Stochastic Analysis of Structures Subjected to Seismic Loading    M.Sc.    zamani, mtz    2015-05-18
69    Friction-Pendulum Tuned Mass Dampers    M.Sc.    Majidi, Ehsan    2015-05-18
70    Seismic Vulnerability Qualitative Assessment of Buildings - Study Case : Mashhad , Zone 9 Area 1    M.Sc.    Ghasemi, Javad    2015-05-18
71    Indentification and Preference of Construction Projects Claims causes by using MADM models (Case study : Sewer network projects in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    amirsardari, babak    2015-05-30
72    The effect of silica fume on the economical, environmental, mechanical and durability performance of concrete containing waste marble    M.Sc.    khodabakhshian, ali    2015-06-23
73    Designing of the expectations of key stakeholders in the construction of metro projects: The Case of Mashhad Urban Railway Construction Project    M.Sc.    Bahadorestani, Amir    2015-06-23
74    Behavior Investigation of Steel Columns and CFT in Concrete Shear Wall    M.Sc.    Etezadi, Seyyed Aydin    2015-07-13
75    The effect of shear connectors on the bending behavior of Steel-Concrete-Steel sandwich beams    Ph.D    Yousefi, Mehdi    2015-07-22
76    The effect of stud bolt connectors on static behavior of Steel-Concrete-Steel sandwich slabs    Ph.D    Golmohammadi, Mohammad    2015-07-22
77    A Behavioral and Economical Comparison of Lateral Bearing Systems In Residential Buildings    M.Sc.    Ahsani Moghaddam, Mazaher    2015-08-31
78    Seismic Isolation Concrete Shear Wall with Steel Boundary Components Using Rectangular Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators    M.Sc.    masuodi, mahmood    2016-01-18
79    Effect stiffnes and damping on the response of seismic-isolated strcture LRB    M.Sc.    bagherzadeh abshori, ehsan    2016-01-18
80    To Produce Fragility Curves for Zipper Braced Frames    M.Sc.    Zanganeh asad abadi, ali    2016-04-18
81    Evaluation of Seismic Performance Factors in Iran Code for Eccentrically Braced Frames(EBFs) by FEMA P695 Methodology    M.Sc.    Malaeka, Ammar    2016-04-18
82    Behavior of steel-concrete composite beam-column and application for design    Ph.D    Behnam, Amirfarzad    2016-04-27
83    Developing a model for integration of enterprise risk management into business processes; A Case study    M.Sc.    kheirandish, amirreza    2016-04-27
84    To Produce Fragility Curves for Steel Corrugated Shear Walls    M.Sc.    askariani, saeed    2016-05-14
85    Experimental and statistical evaluating of dowel action across ultra-high performance concrete cracks    Ph.D    khazaee, amin    2016-07-03
86    The Role and Effect of Insurance on Construction Safety    M.Sc.    younesi heravi, moein    2016-10-10
87    Evaluation of stiffener effect on behavior of CFT Columns    M.Sc.    JABBAR ABBAS ABBAS, NAZAR    2016-11-14
88    Behavior of CFT Column with considering Shape of Section and Compressive Strength of Concrete    M.Sc.    al-deery, Hussein    2016-11-14
89    Experimental investigation on the shear behavior of stud-bolt connectors on steel-concrete-steel sandwich    M.Sc.    Radman, Mohammad Mahdi    2016-11-14
90    A Model for Time-Cost-Quality Trade-off Problem with ‎Resources Constraint in Project Scheduling    M.Sc.    shayesteh bilondi, reza    2016-12-05
91    Study the effect of project management office (PMO) in project management (case study: Governorate of Dhi Qar, Iraq)    M.Sc.    Ali Hussein, Iman    2016-12-05
92    effects of the usage of red mud on properties of architectural concrete    M.Sc.    SOURMEH, FARBOD    2016-12-05
93    The effects of opening on the behavior of Composite Steel Plate Shear Walls    Ph.D    meghdadian, mohammad    2017-01-14
94    Adaptive Base Isolation    Ph.D    taghezadeh, saeed    2017-01-17
95    Analysis of mechanical properties of self-compact concrete incorporating Red Mud (RM), Granite Powder (GP) and Marble Powder (MP)    M.Sc.    Hakak, Erfan    2017-02-06
96    Analysis of mechanical properties of self compact concrete incorporating granite powder and heated granite powder    M.Sc.    Saberi, Mohsen    2017-02-06
97    The Analysis of Steel Structures under fire condition    M.Sc.    roshan, naeim    2017-02-06
98    Assessment of the Effect of Lead Rubber Bearing Isolator on Seismic Parameters and Performance Level of Structures with Different Lateral Resistant Systems    M.Sc.    Baradaran Hashemi, seyyed reza    2017-02-06
99    Evaluating The Performance of RC Frame Structures under Effects of Reinforcement Corrosion    M.Sc.    azimzade, mohammadreza    2017-02-06
100    “Experimental Study outside pressure Sandwich structure with bi-directional corrugated-strip connectors”    M.Sc.    roshan sarab, masuod    2017-02-06
101    Identification and prioritization of management methods in terms of minimizing wastes of construction projects    M.Sc.    AL-NOORI, ALI    2017-02-20
102    An Investigation And Prioritizing Of The Reasons For Delay In Public And Private Construction With Hierarchical Analysis Method (Case Study: Baghdad, Iraq)    M.Sc.    al gharrawi, dhifaf    2017-02-20
103    Comparative study of the impact of friction, viscoelastic and TADAS damper on the seismic responses and structural failure    M.Sc.    Azad darmian, Jamshid    2017-02-27
104    investigation of behavior of steel – concrete – steel sandwich composites with bi-directional corrugated-strip connectors    M.Sc.    norozian, mahdi    2017-02-27
105    Experimental Study on Octagonal Steel Tubular Columns in Filled with Plain and Steel Reinforced Concrete under Eccentric Compression Load    M.Sc.    salimi, milad    2017-02-27
106    Producing design spectrum using seismic hazard analyses method and statistical method for Mashhad city and Comparing them with Seimic design code for buildings in Iran(2800)    M.Sc.    salarzadeh, ali    2017-04-24
107    ٍEvaluation of Estate and building investment trust used for construction in Iran by SWOT method    M.Sc.    Feiz Disfani, Mohammad    2017-05-08
108    Calculate the pressure coefficient in wind loading in fabric structures    M.Sc.    Akbari, Mohammad javad    2017-05-15
109    Study on Influence of Deconstruction Safety Climate in Human Productivity    M.Sc.    nekouei, ali    2017-06-11
110    Experimental Study on Hexagonal Steel Tubular Columns in Filled with Fiber Reinforced and Plain Concrete under Eccentric Compression Load    M.Sc.    mahdavi, navid    2017-06-18
111    Wave propagation and stochastic analysis of saturated porous cylindrical structures under dynamic loading using meshless method    Ph.D    kazemi, hamidreza    2017-07-05
112    A Study on frames with beam-to-column connections equipped with shape memory alloy and steel bolts    M.Sc.    tahmasebi zaveh, amir    2017-09-25
113    Effect of liquid polymer on mechanical properties of concrete    M.Sc.    AIOUSH, FADI    2017-10-02
114    The Effect of Using Red Mud and Microsilica on Properties of Concrete    M.Sc.    taghizadeh naderi, arash    2017-10-02
115    Deterministic and Random Vibration Analysis of Multi-span Bridges Traversed by Moving Loads    Ph.D    kashani rad, hooman    2017-10-02
116    Investigation of durability of concrete containing red mud of Jajarm alumina complex    M.Sc.    Rashidi Borji, Hassan    2017-12-11
117    Seismic Evaluation of Self-centering Concrete Coupled Wall System with Post-tensioned Steel Coupling Beam    Ph.D    Zareian, Mohammad Sajjad    2018-01-29
118    Effect of corrosion on bond behavior, tension stiffening and resistivity in ultra high performance concrete specimens reinforced by high strength rebar    Ph.D    khaksefidi, samaneh    2018-03-07
119    Investigating of the Corrosion Effects on the Seismic Behavior of the Corrugated Steel Shear Wall    M.Sc.    asadinezhad, mohsen    2018-03-12
120    The Analysis of FGM Cylindrical Shells with Openings and Stiffeners Subjected to Blast Loads    M.Sc.    Shahraki, Mojtaba    2018-03-12
121    The study of effective factors in the preparation of a uniform risk spectrum and its comparison with statistical method. (Case Study: Special Design Spectrum in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Fadaei, Reza    2018-03-12
122    To retrofit recycled coarse aggregate concrete beams by steel fibers reinforced concrete jacket    M.Sc.    Anvari, Ali    2018-03-12
123    Membrane Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structural Members with Considering Planar Fiber Elements    Ph.D    Yousefi, Behrooz    2018-06-12